Frequently Asked Questions

What do different order statusses mean?

Your order will go through several phases from the time ordering until delivery. The most important ones…

  • Payment Pending This means the payment is not yet made or confirmed. Due to fluctuation in currency and stock levels, your order is valid for 48 hours. International payments which are non-crypto usually take longer to arrive, so your order might seem cancelled. When the funds arrive or are confirmed by the bank, your order will change status and process as usual.

  • On-Hold This would only apply if there is a problem in payment, which have to be checked manually, or other problems which have to be looked after. Your products stay reserved for you until the problem is resolved.

  • Processing Payment has been received, your order is being packed neutral and plain without any branding. How we pack exactly is something we will not disclose here for obvious reasons. The package is dropped at the postal service office by us on workdays around 18:00.

  • Awaiting Shipment Your order is handled, and depending on location and risk we mark the parcel as airmail, or require it to be transported over load/sea.

  • Refunded if you cancel your order before it is shipped, the order might be refunded. Make sure you have a crypto wallet ready to receive the payment. We do not refund using bank/paypal.

I have not received any emails about my order

All orders receive email updates, whether they have changed status, but also in case of any problems.
If you do not receive our emails then please check your junk– or spam folder, since some mail providers incorrectly mark our email as spam. Please move these to your inbox and/or whitelist our address to prevent it from happening again. You may also log in to your account through this website, to see the status of your order at any given time.

I’m a high roller, can i receive a free sample of products x.y.z before ordering bulk and make you rich?

No, of course not. In regards to the amount of these requests we get, we would have to ship 100 free sample packs a DAY.
If you’re a high roller: good for you, then you should be perfectly capable of spending €75, which is the minimum order amount needed to include a sample-pack (on request).
Moreover, we don’t NEED, and we don’t WANT your business, we are not looking for customers, we have plenty. So save your time (and ours!), and do not send these requests.

Why don’t you answer my question sent through the contact form

Lot of people use the contact form to make inquiries about orders such as adding/removing items or change of shipping address.
We cannot verify by just the email address if you are the actual customer (since anyone can type an email address). Changes/inquires regarding orders will only be answered using the account section.

What appears on my bill or statement?

For security and convenience we send all our parcels in plain boxes, properly packed (we do not give away details). Boxes will not contain our name or website, nor it will list the contents in detail. Be aware to save your account details and order confirmations since that information will not be included with the box.

How can you guarantee my order will arrive to my address?

Simply put, we can’t. There are lot’s of parties involved in the shipping procedure and your package might (not often though) be subject to customs check. Make sure the substance is legal in the destination country before making the order. If you order did not make it within 21 days ( and only 21 days ), we will reship at no additional costs.

What does “risk area” mean for shipping costs?

Areas that are marked as “risk area”, and therefore have a higher shipping cost are : Africa, Asia, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Canada, United States (US), Australia, New Zealand.
We added United Kingdom (but depending on content)